Sunday, August 1, 2010

The waiting game.

As I wait for my turn to open my own store in Downtown Lenoir NC I wonder to myself. Is this really the next step in owning my own company.

A few things that make me go HMMMM!!
There are a few downtown store fronts that have not been rented in years, but they don't want to budge on what they want for rent. I don't understand. Would you rather have 500.00 a month or nothing? In this case nothing. I know you are asking 700.00, but that number doesn't make sense. I still don't get it.

Another thing, why doesn't the City help new businesses that want to open something up. Instead they would rather collect tax money from folks that doesn't even live here and watch the building go to HELL.

I think its time to MAKE A CHANGE!!!


  1. Those are some great comments JP. I guess people are trying to cover their mortgage/expenses but $500 is better than $0 !! Pierre

  2. Cool! I didn't know you were going to rent your own store :)

  3. We do need more businesses uptown. I agree the city should help to get new businesses to refurbish the buildings. It would draw more people uptown to do business.