Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cloud Computer Really Safe

Stormy weather could be on the horizon for cloud computing as security experts warn not enough is being done to make sure one of the hottest IT trends is safe.

"There are many motivations for why an individual or a company would want to engage in cloud computing," said Thomas Parenty, managing director of Parenty Consulting, a Hong Kong-based information security consulting firm. "None of them have to do with enhanced security."

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  1. Actually, over the next 25 years, I think CC will be run by your ISP...companies like Comcast and ATT. You will no longer have hard drives and operating systems on your local computer. In fact there won't be computers as we know them now. The HDTV will replace the computer (with a wireless keyboard/mouse) and laptops will be replaced by the IPAD. These devices will require an encrypted authorization to pull Windows and your programs in from the will pay extra services fees per program, like MS Office, Adobe Products, ETC. These companies will make deals with the ISPs to license the software. Think about it: if the ISP controls what software is being 'sent' to your computer (during a 'session'), there will be NO software piracy.
    In regards to the security issues, it will also rest entirely on the ISP servers. Although, I am thinking your personal information can also be saved on the equivalent of what your Comcast cablle box currently is.
    Bottom line, in the future, Comcast, ATT, and Cloud Computing has us by the ba......