Monday, January 11, 2010

Alienware went from amazing to what the hell(sellouts)

So, back in the day Alienware was the best gaming machine around. Their service was amazing and the machines were even better. Now, Alienware is just horrible. My story as it unfolds. I bought a gaming machine back in in 10/08. I was so excited. When I got the machine it wasn't even what I order and on top of it the video card was so choppy. I sent it in!!! I got the machine back and way....still the same thing. Well, I got a new laptop and it cost me about 1200.00 more. Now I got 3500.00 into a laptop..what the hell was I thinking. Well, after a year later, my 9800 video blow up. Now, i have sent the laptop in 3x and it has come back in the same way I sent it out. I mean..WTF!!! How is that even possible....Lemon law? Can this really happen. How do you send something in 3x and it doesn't even seem like they looked at it....Please...Mr. Dell sell Alienware back to someone that wants to give it the love it needs. Also, can I get someone that can speak English...DAMN IT!!!!


  1. Gaming Laptops IMO are a flawed idea. I'm also waiting to see if quad cores by thmselves can last at least three years (no make that two) in a laptop before something vital melts down.
    When you put high powered graphics cards and cpu's in a big hallow desktop, you are still recommended to use case fans, the cards themselves have fans, and everything else possible to make it as cool as possible. So how is it expected that equivilant components that are crammed into a laptop with really no breathing room or ventelation whatsoever are ever going to last for a long period of time?
    Have you priced a replacement mobo or other proprietary part for Alienware...HAHAHAHA$$$$.

  2. Therese's company has an Alienware machine that has been nothing but problems. They actually gave up on repairing it after no help from customer "service". Too WAS a smoking machine. Now it just smokes...heh heh.