Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't make commitments if you can't follow thru

Title says it all. Now days, people tell you just about anything to keep a smile on your face. Don't fall for it. If you see a gold tooth and it sparkles when they smile. Run the other way don't be another victim. Its time for people to start owning up; take responsibility for your actions, If you say hey I'll get that to you in a few days and you can't make the deadline, call say I fell behind, I need a couple of more days. DONT just not show up or call. We need to jump start our society back to our founders of this great nation. When a man or woman’s word meant something. Let not just stand around and say hey its ok anymore, because it’s not. I don’t mean pull out your pistols and start shooting up the place. I mean take a stand and don’t be afraid you’re going to offend someone, aren’t you offended already.


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